Induction Coil Winding Machine

Ergonomics for electronics
Objective: to create a convenient and beautiful machine.
The Dutch company Everynet produces electronics. Its Russian department developed a sensor with an inductor. An induction coil is a U-shaped metal core on which a copper wire is wound. They experimented with the sensor: made coils with different wires and with different number of turns. To simplify and speed up the process, they ordered the machine.
The machine is small but convenient. As the coils are wound manually, all operations were simplified. It is easy to put and remove the coil. The drive handle is at a convenient height and distance. The buttons are made for your fingers. Operating controls are made so that the hands would not strain and the wrists were in a natural position. The screen of the revolutions counter is turned to the eyes and is easily visible.

The machine is stable on the table. It cannot be knocked over by accidental movement.
The machine looks cool and unusual.
The battery is in a separate compartment. It is impossible to press the button "R" (Reset) accidentally. Meanwhile it can be easily accessed.
It is easy to count the number of turns: the display is located at the right angle to the eye, behind the coil.
The magnet holds and centers the coil during installation.
The Process of Creation
Designed in Rhinoceros 5. Printed with FDM 3D printer.

Design & Implementation: Alexey Shorohov
The project is made in 6 weeks
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